Inclement Weather Policy and Information

Commonly asked questions regarding our school district’s inclement weather policy

Where can parents find official information about school closures and/or delays?

DeSoto County Schools will make an official announcement regarding closures and delays on our school district website,, on Memphis-area television stations, and through our school district’s parent notification system. Even though social media may be used to announce closures and/or delays, that is not an official announcement. There is often misinformation that is communicated via social media, and we ask that our stakeholders only trust the three official sources (the district website, Memphis-area television stations, and the district notification system).

How are decisions made to close, open late, or dismiss early? In order to make decisions regarding the timing of opening and closing school, district officials must consider information on current conditions along with the timing of expected weather. For example, please consider the timing implications of snow/ice that arrives at the following different times of the day:

  • An evening snow that concludes and provides time for snow/ice removal - This could result in a delayed opening to permit the clearing of roads, sidewalks, and entrances at the schools.
  • An overnight snow/ice situation - This could close schools if it is not possible to clear roads and sidewalks in time for school to open.
  • The prediction of snow/ice to begin during the school day - A decision could be made to open schools on time, monitor the weather, and dismiss early if necessary.

What type of plans should parents make for inclement weather and the school day?
District officials realize that inclement weather situations place a strain on parents. In order to be prepared for inclement weather, parents are asked to have three separate plans in place:

  • A plan for school closure
  • A plan for a delayed start to the school day
  • A plan for an early dismissal

If there are school closures, are school events also cancelled?
If school is closed for the day, school events are normally cancelled for that entire day and evening. If school is dismissed early, all after-school events are normally cancelled. If there is a field trip or school event scheduled and the school day is delayed by one or two hours, parents would need to contact the individual school to get more information regarding the status of the event.

If the school day is delayed, how does that affect pick-up times at the bus stops?
If the start of the school day is delayed one hour, students will be picked up at bus stops approximately one hour later than normal. If the start of the school day is delayed two hours, students will be picked up at bus stops approximately two hours later than normal. For more detailed information, parents can contact our school district's department of transportation.

Will students have to attend extra days of school to “make-up” for inclement weather days?
Make-up days are scheduled into the school calendar if needed to meet academic requirements. Students and parents should always be prepared to “make up” days.