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Please email Mrs. Cathy Dawson for transcript questions.

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Site Access. Go to .

Links to Order Transcripts:

Once clicked, there are several icons linked to applications available via the ScribOrder website. Please be sure to read the detailed instructions on the ScribOrder homepage and choose the correct icon.

The available icons/applications are listed below:

K-12 School Districts seeking records for transfer students:

All records requests for former students must be made online using the student records request system.

Fax, phone calls, emails, and mail will no longer be accepted.


The K-12 Transfer application is a secure, self-service application that requires the following steps:


· Site Access. Go to .   Scroll down to the K-12 Districts Select the Following To Get Started and click the Icon.

· Account Creation.  To request records from the DeSoto County School District, an employee of the requesting school district must create an account.  A school email address must be used and personal email addresses will not be accepted.

· Verification.   Once the account is set up, there is a verification process that takes about 24 hours to complete. An email notification will be sent once the school email account is verified.

· Submit Request.   Once the “verification complete” email notification is received, log into the K-12 Transfer application and submit a request to the DeSoto County School District.

· Processing Time.   DeSoto County School District will process requests electronically within 10 business days. An email notification will be sent once the request has been processed.

· Downloading.   After receipt of the “processing complete” email, log back into the K-12 Transfer application to download the student record requested.


Please contact for any questions or concerns setting up an account.

Requesting an Online Graduation Verification

All graduation verifications must be requested .
Fax, phone calls and mail are not accepted.

GED Transcripts and/or Diplomas

For GED transcript or diploma requests, visit .