Management Information Systems

Melissa Green, Director


The primary goal of the 抖阴社区 Office of Management Information Systems is to provide helpful information for administrators, school personnel, and the community.

MSIS provides for the electronic collection and storage of comprehensive detailed data about our school district. MSIS also allows for the electronic transfer of student records from one school district to another, thus offering a unique student tracking system. The purpose of this project is to provide an efficient means in which to:

  • Support the district's accreditation model
  • Support district funding programs
  • Provide timely and accurate reporting of education data (schedules, attendance, grades, transportation, discipline, vocational and special education) to meet state and federal requirements
  • Assist in the reduction of the drop-out rate within the district


If your child is a current student of DeSoto County Schools, please do not register him/her as a new student.  An email address will be provided in your registration notification for you to email proof of residency.